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Benzy recently got a National Award by Hon'ble President of india.
For outstanding performance as a creative Adult person of India,at vigyan bhawan New Delhi,on 3rd Dec 2014.

Benzy is a special child but with lot of talent specifically in music.

Her life has not been smooth. There was a time when she became a cause of concern for everyone in the family. Doctors were not even sure if she would survive. The Epilepsy convulsions & heavy medical dosage would make her unconscious. But there was one thing to which she always responded positively- it was music. When this was noticed by her parents, they adopted the music therapy which helped her become a happier person.

Her passion for music has been so strong that even though she cannot converse, yet she can express her feelings through music.

She has been learning classical music since the age of five. Singing the ragas helped her feeble voice become powerful & melodious. She has even sang & Played Piano (Keyboard) for many audio C.Ds. 

Now she has earned a respectful name in the field of music and continues to inspire lots of people. 

Benzys journey in music and her achievements- 

Education  Done seven year vocal course in Indian classical (Ragas) 

Works  Released seven Audio cds from Music Company 

  1. Basic Raagas based on Indian ragas ,Blessed by shubha Mudgal
  2. Koshish based on prarthana & bhajans, Blessed by Hrithik Roshan
  3. An Instrumental cd self music composed, Blessed by Adnan Sami
  4. Shakti based on legends Lata ji & Asha jis  Hit songs
  5. Aashayein This album contains ten songs with absolutely new lyrics and composition dedicated to the society & to all the special children. This album clearly indicates that special children can sing on newly composed music, which is a must for play back singing and this is greatly appreciated by legends like Lata Mangeshkar.
  6. Her song is feature in International Audio cd titled Songs of the Disabled underground vol. 3. Benzy is the only Artist from India who is selected for this album.
  7. An Instrumental Cd My Journey with Benzy Shahrukh Khan .Here in this Album, she is making an effort to play piano (keyboard) without any takes & retakes. Due to lack of co-ordination, she has played all the songs with single hand.
  8. Getting Royalty from the music company
  9. She is associated with The Path learning centre where Benzy teaches music to small kids, without actually being aware that she is playing the role of a teacher.


  •  Limca book of records has featured her in 2005. 
  • Her song is featured in International Audio cd title Songs of the Disabled underground vol. 3. She is the only Artist from India who is selected for this album. 
  • Benzy Nite at Lucknow --- giving public performance & entertained thousand of people for two hours continuously.                
  • A.I.R has graded her as a permanent artist & her songs are broadcasted in regular basis. 
  • She is the brand Ambassador of ICONGO & DHOON         FOUNDATION 
  • A survey by www.Hindustantimes.com has chosen benzy among top twelve achievers of the country. 
  • All leading newspaper & TV channels covered her  outstanding talents.


Established as an Artist and is asked to give performance in Jhanshi Mahotasava, Taj Mahotasava, Dehradun Mahotsava,Aligarth,Bareilly , lucknow , Ambala ,NGO,corporate sector & many more shows for a cause & collected funds etc.


  1. National Award for best creative girl child- Ministry of social justice & Empowerment
  2. National Gold Medal Award Ministry of women & child
  3. karamveer Pruskaar - ICONGO
  4. ZEE ASTITVA Award - Mumbai
  5. Yami Award - Mumbai
  6. Dr. Batra Positive Award - Mumbai  & many more

 If there would have been no music in Benzys life, she would have been a completely different person. 

    Music is her language, her soul, her life, her passion, her source of strength.

    For her, its like NO MUSIC, NO LIFE!